1×1 Coaching

Are you a young adult in the greater Denver area between the ages of 13-30 years old who wants to clarify their vision, get out of a rut, or achieve higher levels of success?

I work with young adults who are seeking help with managing their life, defining their goals and pursuing those passions that are important to them.

We can work together in a highly customized way depending on your situation and goals.

We also have these standard approaches to get started in helping you with life coaching.

Life Coaching Kickstart

Who is it for: Young Adults Ages 13-30

Timeframe: 30 days of meeting one-on-one

What we work on together: Your goals, needs, vision, career options. Weekly sessions for 1 1/2 hour-long and summaries by email

Life Coaching Monthly

Who is it for: Young Adults Ages 13-30

Timeframe: Monthly commitment for regular weekly meetings, homework and accountability. Minimum 3 month engagement.

What we work on together: Your goals, needs, vision or career options. Tracking and review of your life coaching strategies, actions and progress. We meet weekly and discuss how you are doing according to your plan and address any obstacles and blocks to your achievement. Communications ongoing by email and phone.