It’s hard to put into words the profound impact Suzy has had on my life.  I’ve sat down multiple times to try to write and then rewrite just how much Suzy means to me and how grateful I am that I was introduced to her.  While I cannot begin to explain what an amazing person Suzy is, I can easily say I would not be where I am today without her.

I was introduced to Suzy when I decided to completely switch careers.  I realized that I wanted to leave engineering and thought I’d give commercial real estate a try.  Suzy filled me with confidence upon our first phone call and reassured me I could be successful even though I was still hesitant about my decision to leave engineering.  It was no different when we met in person, I felt as if I had known Suzy forever, she was patient with me as I tried to figure out which direction I wanted to go and I felt that she knew exactly what I needed before I even knew I needed it.

I will always remember the moment I decided to quit my job and pursue my real estate license full time.  Suzy was the first person I told, I sent her a text and when she responded asking if I had time for a phone call, I immediately got nervous.  I was expecting her to tell me what my parents had been telling me, that I shouldn’t quit my job just yet and that I should get a paying job in real estate before jumping into getting my license but when she answered it was the complete opposite.  She was thrilled for me and supported my decision 100%, I felt my worries change into excitement knowing that Suzy would be there to guide me through this life transition.

Once I figured out the direction I was going, Suzy quickly introduced me to many influential people in the industry.  It was easy to see that she had developed truly meaningful and lasting relationships and my experience with her was no different.  Throughout the entire process I never felt alone, Suzy always followed up with me, checked in on how my meetings went and invited me to events.  And it was through a connection of Suzy’s that I landed my current job and just like she kept reassuring me, I love it!

But more than just helping me navigate a complicated and scary part of my life, Suzy has become a friend and someone I truly admire. Not only do we discuss career goals, but Suzy asks about my interests, we chat about relationships and discuss new workout classes we’ve tried.  I came to Suzy looking for help with my career, but she helped me become a well-rounded person.  I can honestly say that I look forward to having Suzy as a friend for the rest of my life and I know that if there is anything I ever need that she’ll always be there for me. 

Jen Hippisley

I have known Suzy for over 12 years, and there are not enough good things I can say about my relationship with Suz. She has pulled potential out of me in a way no one else has. She sees things in kids in our generation and wants to help them so much. She has always been so passionate about that. She is able to see what’s in you and what you have to offer and then help you do that in a tangible way, to steward your skills and talents.

She has encouraged me, walked with me, and cried with me. She has single-handedly refined me the most into who I am – my personality, etiquette, etc.

She helps you really find who you are. She doesn’t expect perfection, but she doesn’t want you to just slide by and be a stagnant member of our society.

I encourage you to dive in to a relationship with Suzy. You will reap benefits for years to come. She will help you with your goals or even just be a sounding board and someone who is just there to cheer for you no matter what.

— Nicole Groves, Nurse at Denver Children’s Hospital

Nicole Groves

As far as the positive influence you’ve had on Nicole-holy cow, where do I start! I get teary eyed thinking about it!

You are such a beautiful gift to not only our family, but to so many. I’ve always believed it takes a village to raise a child, and you were my village for Nicole. You have loved her like she was your own no matter what. It wasn’t always easy or convenient but you were always there for her to cheer her on, encourage her, support her, love her, pray for her, hug her, and advise her.

There are no words for my thankfulness to you over the last 10+ years. You mean the world to Nicole and me, and I hope you know how special you are to us. I love knowing she has another mom 🙂

Deb Groves

Suzy has been a mentor for almost 15 years now. I have sought her for advice on most of life’s concerns, including relationships, career choices, and friendships. She is highly networked and an incredible resource. She has the biggest heart out of anyone I know. Suzy is wise, kind, and smart, and I’d work with her any day. I’d highly recommend her for any advice you are looking for.

Emily Schloesser

As I was close to graduating from college, I knew I wanted to get into commercial real estate but had a challenge finding opportunities because I didn’t know many people in the industry. Suzy not only met with me to share her insight on the industry from her perspective, but also connected me with many successful professionals within the industry so I could begin the process of job searching in the industry.  

Prior to the coffee meetings, Suzy coached me and helped me understand how to demonstrate the value I could bring although I didn’t have the necessary experience at the time. She gave me many new ideas that helped me ask the right questions and qualify the job opportunities I came across.

After a couple of months of meeting with those folks she connected me with, I was eventually connected by Suzy with the team that ultimately hired me. I was overwhelmed with excitement to find a job in the business after months of interviewing, and it was Suzy and her network of people that helped me find the opportunity.  

4 years later, Suzy and I still talk and network frequently. Her passion to help others, expertise in such a wide variety of personal and professional life and her incredible personality are the reasons I recommend her to young adults that are considering life coaching.

Tyler Voell

Suzy has been a guiding light in my life for over 12 years. She has been by my side through some of the best and some of the toughest parts of my life, and no matter what, has always welcomed me with open arms. She not only listens intently but also offers actionable advice.

There have been times in my life when I have been so intimidated by a goal or dream of mine, so much so that I have held myself back from going for it out of fear of failure, but Suz has taught me to take a step back and really figure out WHY the particular goal means so much to me and HOW to take manageable steps to achieve it. She has encouraged me seek out and chase after those things that truly fill my heart with joy and to not allow others to define my path for me—we are all worthy of true happiness and reaching our greatest potential.

Suzy has been one of the most consistent people in my life, and I cannot recommend her highly enough to help anyone who may be frozen by the fear of failure or not knowing where to start in any aspect of their life whether it be a friendship, relationship, job search, goal, etc

Kim Dalton

Suzy Martinek has taught me so much about myself and has truly helped me develop into the confident, thriving woman I am today. Suzy’s impact first began when she was my small group leader at church. She helped me navigate the awkward teenage years and define strong values while dealing with friends, family, and boy drama.

In my twenties, Suzy motivated me to kick-start my career and get comfortable with networking. Through every phase of life she has been a support system and has highlighted my strengths when I fall blind to them. Her uplifting, positive spirit allows her to naturally connect and build rapport with young women and she has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Suzy will challenge you and keep you accountable, while being a cheerleader that always has your back.

I am beyond thankful for the influence that Suzy has made in my life and her everlasting belief in me.

Nicole A. Valiga

Suzy has been the most influential person in my life. She helped me build a solid foundation for faith and is the glue that brought together my very best friends. She’s been my role model for the last 10 years of what it looks like to be a follower of Christ, a loving, dependable friend, and some day an incredible mother and wife. 

Suzy was my youth group leader in high school and also a career mentor after graduating college, helping me find my first job. She has been instrumental in helping me reach new goals and challenge myself professionally. Suzy has truly been the biggest blessing in my life and has played a major role in shaping who I am today and the morals and values I live by. 

Tori Bridges